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Architectural Drawings

With distinctive knowledge and diverse experiences, our professionals produce an excellent range of residential and commercial architectural designs. We develop new construction and renovation that fill the needs of our client’s requirements

Project Management

Our Project Management team will plan, coordinate, budget and supervise your construction project from the beginning to the end. The ultimate goal of our Project Management team is to fully satisfy our client’s demands for a feasible project in functionality and budget

Building Construction​​

Modish Design & Construction Limited provides a wide range of skilled and qualified workers to execute your construction needs.  The quality of materials and workmanship used in the execution of works throughout construction are within conformance with the accepted standards, regulation and by laws of the local authorities and any public authorities.

Structural Engineering​

Our Structural Engineers are trained professionals who are responsible for making sure that the structure of our buildings is safe, and stable and will not collapse under applied loads. We apply our technical knowledge to specify different types of construction materials in various shapes and structures that can withstand the pressures and stresses of their environment such as storms, earthquakes and gravity loads.

Artistic (3D) Rendering​​

Modish Design & Construction Limited provide our clients with the option of Artistic (3D) Rendering which creates two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of an architectural design. The goal is to visually communicate design ideas before construction begins.

Bill Of Quantities (BQ)

Once an architectural design is completed, our clients can request a bill of quantity if needed. A bill of quantity clearly defines the scope of work on a project. The bill of quantity provides the description of work, quantity of work, material and cost for work to be done. It also provides a detailed idea regarding the work and its rates

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